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Kitchen renovation

When thinking of home renovation, the kitchen is one of the places you think of first. It is a very central place in any home setup. In most cases, family members interact a lot in the kitchen, and even parties and social gatherings begin and end here.

What is the atmosphere that you want your kitchen to have? There is a lot involved when talking about kitchen renovation contractors in Toronto.

Steps for a successful kitchen renovation

1. Needs assessment

Think of how you want your kitchen to be, against its current state. Consider the logistics involved and possible expenses against the resources available. This will help you determine the thin line between your wants and needs. If you are hard on capital, consider compromising and going for surface level renovation, depending on your main intention for renovation. How you renovate your kitchen is determined by your taste as well as your budget.

2. Designing and planning

The designing and planning stage is more complex, as it involves a lot of expertise. Whether you are majorly looking forward to improving the aesthetic appearance or the functionality of your kitchen, how you plan your renovation matters a lot.

Kitchen layouts

If you do not want to maintain your current kitchen layout, there are five significant layouts that you can go for when renovating your kitchen. These are:

  • One-wall kitchen design
  • U-shape kitchen design
  • L-shape kitchen design
  • Double-L design
  • Corridor design

Some of the design resources you can rely on include:

  1. Kitchen design software
  2. Professional kitchen designers
  3. Book-based design packages with cardboard punch-outs of kitchen layouts
  4. General contractors

3. Actual renovation

Once you’ve settled on your intended design, you need to decide on whether you’ll hire a contractor or do the job yourself. Each of these comes with its pros and cons.

  • General Contractor- A GC takes care of everything, from the start to the end of the renovation project. If you hire a well-established company, you’ll need to part with around 15-25% of the entire project cost. You can as well go for an owner-operated business that charges less.
  • DIY – With the necessary expertise, you can do the renovation on your own. This will cost you less but it may take more time as compared to hiring a contractor.
  • Being the General Contractor – You can decide to be your own GC and then sub-contract other experts to handle more professional sectors such as electrical and plumbing departments.


Depending on what your renovation involves, you may or may not need permits. For instance, you should contact your local permitting electrical and building permits if required. Any renovation project involving relocation or removal of plumbing and drainage facilities should follow a permit from your water company.

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation tips

Begin your kitchen renovation from basement renovation Toronto.

Understand your kitchen

By knowing how you use your kitchen, you’ll know what you need, what you like about it and what you hate as well. This helps form a starting point for your project.

Maintain your kitchen-layout

You should consider leaving your kitchen layout as it, and simply improve on what’s existing. Completely changing your kitchen layout may be very costly and probably not worth it. So unless you feel convinced that it’s the best option, let it remain as it is.

Play with colors

Color scheme plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your kitchen. Incorporate colors that are contrasting, like dark ones against bright ones. Creativity and expert opinion can do you good with regards to color combination.

Don’t underrate your backlash

Investing in your backlash creates a sense of visual height that is fascinating. It also gives your kitchen a beautifully polished look since there would be no breaks between the floor tiles and the wall.

Set up a make-shift kitchen

Since your kitchen will not be in a usable state for some time, you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen that will serve you during that period.

How to get the best kitchen renovation contractor

  • Get recommendations from personal contacts
  • Do a background on potential contractors by checking their reviews
  • Consider experience levels, expertise, as well as licenses and certifications where applicable
  • Contact the potential contractors for interview and estimates
  • Compare quotes and settle on the best contractor offering cost-effective services
  • Get your kitchen ready and let the pros do their job!

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